My Workouts will fit you, not the other way around

Everyone’s different. That’s why there’s not much reason to work on your wish to change you body with conventional, standardized workout plans, apps and recommendations from friends. Depending on your starting point and set goals, the way to get there is different from person not person. If you don’t feel comfortable with a one-to-one training, bring friends or family. I am happy to workout with small groups as well.

Your wishes, goals, current life situation as well as your preferences and your progress are my road map while working together.

We can work together on building strength and muscle mass, reduce pain, get back into work out after injuries, weight loss, injury prevention, balancing stress, performance increase, preparation for competitions and any one or more of those.

So let me take your fear of starting your journey. Our training is completely based on your requirements, goals and limits. In the course of our first, free meeting I will - as in all following meetings and training sessions - deal with your conditions in a responsible and sensitive way.