Since 1994 Ilka is a rally co-driver. The worldwide number one female co-driver started her career as Achim Mörtls partner. From then on she took part in the Austrian Rally Championship.

In 2001 Ilka started participating in international events on Manfred Stohls side. Since then she calls the international rally sport home and accompanies several rally stars in the biggest challenges of the WRC (World Rally Championship).

In 2005 she was given the title Austrians Sports(wo)man of the Year in Motorsports.



Ilka is a certified Professional Health Fitness- and Personal Trainer and Functional Strength Master Trainer.

Depending on conditions, requests and individual goals of her clients she creates customized training concepts. Quality of life, sense of achievement and trust are the pillars forming the base for working on the client goals together. The client goals are the main focus without exception.