Ilka’s career is a rollercoaster of feelings - ups and downs, coming and going. Here’s how a little quiet girl became the worldwide number one co-pilot.

It begins with silence. Little Ilka lived in a small village in Carinthia - the south of Austria - but she doesn’t talk until the age of 4. „I don’t know why, I can’t remember. But I’ve been told that I didn’t talk until I was 4. Maybe I simply didn’t want to? “



After experienced an education as a „Dipl. Professional Health Fitness- & Personal- Trainer”
and “Dipl. Functional Strength Master Trainer” I would like to share my abilities with you.

Together we will reach your goal!

My trainings are addressed to fitness newcomers, returners, regularly athletes and particularly to racers.

“Healthy body, healthy mind!”

Fun and enjoyment with regular exercising and with your own body should be the first priority.