We combine endurance and functional training!

May is here in it’s full! Great spring days exchange quickly with days which have been actually designed for April. Open air swimming pools are already open. However the weather is it’s definitely the right season to go outside for the training.

Doesn’t matter if it’s the fresh air, the sunrays or the smell of the green and blooming trees – OUTSIDE is calling. It is of course the right time to think about a combination of endurance & functional training. The concept of functional training stands for a system which will show its effect in a short time. Easy but highly efficient exercises ensure also in tight time windows a successful training – without machines and extra costs. Especially in that time of the year you don’t need an expensive gym to improve your fitness.

Shoes and training clothes are all you need. And the complete world is your stage respectively your gym. Machines we don’t need and least of all extra costs. Basic fitness, strength and endurance you can boost with functional training without extra technical investment. The movements are easy. They are extremely flexible to use and follow a very simple principle: Get out and start!

Ideally we combine it: All what’s possible and what’s fun. Running, cycling, in between park benches, trees, skipping ropes, gymnastic bands, a ball or even a kid’s playground – and all this alternating, just like the possibilities are and how your mood is – that’s how functional fitness is working.

My favourite training hour during the first days of spring together with my customers look like this…

  • 10 minutes mobilise and warm up.
  • Use everything what we find. Push-ups in the lawn, use the bench next to the lake for the triceps dips or just squats where we have a beautiful view.
  • Another option which will be fun and you can do everywhere is the core training. Abs and back training in all its facing as well as glutes, legs and whatever you like.
  • 10 minutes cool down: easy running at the end to catch your breath.

To be honest to you: All these things you can do on your own! But now I will tell you shortly why it’s better with a trainer…

  • Thinking about the possible options before you even start. What can we use for our functional training?
  • By the time the basic plan is there you can be really flexible.
  • Motivation is the key! Everybody knows how difficult the overcoming and persevere is. Motivation in the right dosage is one of the most important parts of my job – and you will feel it.
  • We can share the experience and the joy, maybe the suffering but of course the fun und the success. This is an important thing because maybe later when you go to your office or home to your family in the evening and you want to share your experience not everybody is interested in. We do it together and this is our success.
  • The correct performing of the exercises. Honestly! There are squats and there are squats and there are push-ups and there are push-ups! No matter what we do I will always check that you will do the exercises in the way your body and mind will remember the correct performance.
  • Because we want to keep the coordination and mobility we do it together. We want to focus on your target and you will get some homework until we meet again.
  • After all that functional training makes sense and you will have sustainable success.