Efficiency, consistency and motivation

Relax, turning off your mind, pushing beyond your limits, consciously perceiving your body. Sometimes a helping hand is needed to avoid despair.

Professional advice and consistent motivation are important for everyone in order to achieve a desired goal. I learned that myself after my accidents. I was dependent on my personal trainer support, to get back to being top-fit and to pain free workouts.

A very important topic for me is to get to know my client’s physical capability and mental limits, so I can challenge them on a regular basis without overwhelming them.

Increasing the level of self-responsibility without leaving you alone are an important aspect of my work. No matter how your goals or motivation look like, we will find out together what will be the best and most efficient way to get there.

In the gym, at your place, out in nature or anywhere else - depending on where it’s the most fun and manageable for you, we can set up your training.

Any requests you come to me and regardless of your fitness level, I am there for you. I will create an individual training routine with you, support, accompany and advise you throughout your journey, help you implement the necessary steps in between our meetings and training sessions.

Most importantly: There's no need to have inhibitions!

I know very well that not everyone is or want to be a professional athlete. I welcome every wish for development and respect every goal.