Your personalized training routine

Depending on your fitness level, preferences, desired goals and conditions we will create an individual workout routine together.

Doing so, your state of fitness, diagnosed deceases and limitations will be taken into account 100%. Of course I will also respect your life conditions and time limitations.

The plan will be created according to where you want to workout, how much time you can take and what your goals are. With personal training you have all the advantages on your side.

The sessions will take place where and when it’s best for you and I will concentrate solely on you, so you can’t perform the exercises wrong.

That’s how we will reach the necessary efficiency and motivation to achieve your goals.

The steps will be as follows:

1) Free first consulting

We will get to know each other at this meeting and talk about your conditions and goals, possible methods and requests, preferences and fears.

2) Check-up exam

At our first training session we will start sorting out your base level, mobility limitations, deficiencies and imbalances, weaknesses and strengths. Based on this we will create a routine together.

3) Potential medical clarification

Should there be any pain or unexpected problems, you will get medical advice, so we will be able to handle the situation.

4) Training routine

Now it comes to the implementation of our plan. Together we will practice the movements, so you can constantly work on your routine and your body can adapt to the new motions. We will train together on a regular basis and depending on your time frame you will get some „homework“.

5) Re-check

To your wish, we will meet up in regular intervals after the initial training is over, to observe and discuss further developments and potentially set up new steps.

The training method will depend on your set goals and needs. Accordingly, the focus will either be on training with machines, free weight training, bodyweight training, endurance training or functional training. I’m professionally educated in all of those areas, that’s why I am sure, we will find the most efficient and adequate training method for you.